Ode To A Cat

I am never too much for him.
He doesn’t find my problems so big and uncomfortable
that he retreats because he doesn’t know what to say or do.
He doesn’t tell me to “get over it” or to “stay positive.”
He doesn’t pressure me to “stay strong”.
He doesn’t do any of that bullshit.
He just is.
He just loves.
He just stays.
I’m never too much for him and he just stays.


Meditation Procrastination

I need to go and meditate
I’d rather sit and eat some cake
I’d rather do most anything
than sit and feel my feel-eel-ings

My room’s a mess
But it’s my nest
I burrow down
And do my best

I don’t know what’s around the bend
I don’t know how my story ends
But my heart and head agree
Meditation’s probably good for me

© Caitlin Hills 2017

**When cats and asthma don’t mix**

End Of The Bed

“Please go to the end of the bed” she said

But the cat chose not to hear

He’d rather poke about her face

And have a lick at her ear

Please go to the end of the bed” she said

I cannot handle your hair

I cannot cope with you so close”

But the cat just didn’t care

Please go to the end of the bed” she said

Though I’ll love you to the end

Today I just can’t handle you

Please understand, my friend

The cat went to the end of the bed

Though he was unimpressed

He took a seat and licked his paws

Knew another day, he’d be caressed


IMG_20160904_153746© Caitlin Hills 2016